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Bath & Body Works Autumn 2016 Haul

Some of the things I love about Autumn are the apples, pumpkins, leaves, sweaters, scarves, oh the list goes on…one of the things I have been recently obsessed with are Autumn inspired body care products! Living in Canada, I have access to many Bath & Body Works stores in my area, and I decided to check out their Autumn collection a couple weeks ago. Let’s just say I spent quite some time in there picking out items haha! I do have very sensitive skin, so choosing scented body care products is always a risk for me. However, so far after a couple weeks my skin is not irritable at all, and actually staying quite moisturized and feeling well after trying the products I’ve chosen!


Check out my review and what I chose from the collection!


I love this fox and leaves candle holder, just the cutest thing ever! I also picked up a cranberry scented 3-wick candle that is easy on the nose senses, as I also have sensitivity to smell. This light cranberry scent fills up the room on a chilly night just perfectly!


I am absolutely OBSESSED with the champagne apple & honey products from this collection. The apple is very fresh-smelling and I love using this after a shower, I just feel so relaxed afterwards! I ended up purchasing a handful of the 8oz bottle to last me through the cold seasons and also one of the 2.5oz bottle for travels. I would recommend stocking up on extras if you really like the product, as scents such as this one is a seasonal product, once it is sold out, they won’t be bringing it back! I also picked up an apple shaped bath sponge, I couldn’t resist not buying it, it is just too cute!


This sweet cinnamon pumpkin is the perfect combination of Autumn and subtle. As much as I love a pumpkin cupcake with butter frosting scented body cream, it is just too strong for those around me and also my nose. This sweet cinnamon pumpkin has a fresh and sweet fragrance that settles well for any time of the day. Of course I had to pick up the ultra shea body cream and also a shower gel in this scent.


What is Autumn without some cider? This pumpkin cranberry cider smells AMAZING. It also comes in a thicker liquid soap as opposed to this foam soap. There are definitely a lot of options, no wonder I was in here for so long!


Lastly, I picked up some of the best smelling and cutest hand cream! The marshmallow pumpkin latte has a very sweet smell just like a latte and marshmallow; I’ve been using it mostly on weekends when I want to have some more fun with my products. I opt for the golden autumn day and crisp morning air (aren’t the sweater prints on the bottle just the cutest!?!) during the weekdays for a calm and subtle scent.

I highly recommend checking out this collection before they are all gone! If you love Autumn, these products will make you feel even more festive than it already is. The creams are very moisturizing, and their candles are amazing with many choices, there is something for everyone!

Happy shopping and stay tuned for more Autumn inspired posts! Because there will be more 😉

16 comments on “Bath & Body Works Autumn 2016 Haul

  1. Love all the beautiful home decor and lotion. So perfect for this time of year. Also beautiful picture shots 🙂

  2. I absolutely love these kinds of types of products!

  3. Man I wish I could use B&BW. my skin is so sensitive I can’t use anything with perfume in it!

  4. CJ |

    I’m sure those candle scents are lovely! I need to get some wall plugins for my office. Maybe I’ll dabble in some of these.

  5. ohmummymia

    oh autumns scents I love them! I want to try it!

  6. Oh, this is so nice. We will check these products, the scents sound so calming.

  7. I love Bath & body Works! These scents look so good.

  8. sounds like an awesome products, I need to check these out

  9. Elizabeth O.

    All those products sound so delightful! I can only imagine the scents! I’m sure they’re lovely!

  10. This makes me want to go to the nearest bath and body works and just grab all of these! I can imagine how good they all smell! Yes for fall!

  11. Oh, it’s been a while since my Bath and Body visit- need to go there for some body/hand washes and candles. ❤ love the collections!

    — DT | Here I Scribble

  12. All these products look so amazing!!! Need to get my hands on some delicious pumpkin hand soap!

  13. I love hauls! I’m sure you enjoyed shopping for them just as much as using them 🙂 The pumkin cranberry cider soap would have to be my fave!

  14. Makes my non-scented soaps seem so boring.

  15. These look like great products , I definitely want to try some of them

  16. I need to get some of these! I love autumn scents so much.

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