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Ainsworth Hot Springs & Caves Resort


Happy Autumn everyone! Or happy Spring for some of you 😉 Since we are now officially transitioned into the next season, I thought I would write a post about a hot spring & resort that is perfect for all seasons year round. There is just something very special about sitting in a hot spring with snow and cold air surrounding, or ending a summer night with a soak in these warm baths.

If you follow me on my other social channels, you may remember the road trip I went on this summer with a few of my close friends. I live in British Columbia, so driving from Western Canada towards East is quite the scenic drive, and there are so many things to do and experience along the way!

For some time, my friends and I had talked about going on a little adventure out to a hot springs called Ainsworth Hot Springs. We decided to make that happen this summer! Located in the Kootenay area just on the edge of British Columbia, this hot springs + resort looks over the Kootenay Lake making it a very relaxing and beautiful visit. You can never go wrong with a trip to some rejuvenating hot springs (unless your health prevents you to, then please don’t)!

All the rooms were on either of the 3 levels. Our room was very clean and we had access to all the things we needed for a comfortable stay. However, I found the size of the rooms to be rather small, considering it is designed to host groups of families of 4-5 people. Including myself, there were 3 of us, and we still found moving around inside not what we expected. Keep in mind that the parking lot is literally right outside these rooms (vehicles are parked right beside the blue chairs shown below). In the summer, many guests arrive/leave in motorcycles, which means loud engines bright and early in the morning, and practically for the rest of the day. Not exactly something to help with relaxing. Other than that, I was very happy with the accommodation aspect of the resort.

People living in the area would come to this hot springs area for the hot springs itself, but if you’re coming from elsewhere, you really don’t have many options than to stay at the hot springs resort. You have to book the rooms directly with Ainsworth Hot Springs, other third-party travel sites, or travel agencies, do not have rooms available to book.

My favourite colour! I was obsessed with these chairs during my stay haha!

More chairs, yay! The first day we arrived was cloudy and gloomy, but still made for a beautiful view of the lake. You’ll find more photos below for comparison of what it will look like when the sun appears. Which it did the day we were leaving!

This view is in sight from all the rooms, hot springs, basically the majority of this resort. I loved having this view to constantly indulge in for my stay, it truly is a beauty!

If you booked a room for your visit, passes to the hot springs, robes, keys for a locker to store your belongings beside the hot springs area, etc., are all available with your room. No additional costs are required. If you do choose to enjoy the hot springs without a stay, you can pay for entrance fees or lockers upon arrival. For most recent prices please refer to the official website.

This is the part we were all looking forward to! The caves with warm mineral water, the key to relaxing! Just writing this at the moment I’m feeling pretty zen thinking about that warm goodness.

I risked ruining my phone to take these photos, but so worth it!

The restaurant gives you an even better view of the lake.

The food was unfortunately, underwhelming. Since there wasn’t a place to eat within close distance of the resort, we decided to check out the Ktunaxa Grill, located at the resort. Which brands itself as a fine-dining restaurant.

I started with a chicken soup, wasn’t bad, but wasn’t the greatest.

Regular mushroom burger. I admit, looking at the menu I already had not so great opinions of this restaurant, which is why I ordered a burger to be ‘safe’. Usually, my prediction of the quality of food based on the menu offerings is pretty accurate. After a few bites of the burger, my opinion of the restaurant was firm. The patty was burnt, and the ingredients for the rest of the burger did not taste fresh at all. Given that there aren’t other options, unless you drive about 20 minutes away, guests don’t really have a choice but to eat here.

A school bus had caught our attention when we first arrived, Betty O’s. Of course we had to check it out when it opened again the next day. They serve simple foods such as sandwiches, wraps, and ice-cream. This cute little business is a must-visit when you’re here!

We decided we would have dessert for breakfast that day, so we chose this very delicious ice-cream sandwich! It was as big as our faces! Between the 3 of us, we split 1 of these sandwiches since it was so big.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at this hot springs resort. I left feeling relaxed, recharged, and made great memories with my best friends. Everyone was very friendly, the hot springs and caves lived up to expectations, and the views are absolutely beautiful. If the food quality at the restaurant was improved, I think this resort can be a contender for one of the must visit places in Western Canada.

Where are some of your favourite hot springs?

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