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Healthy, Quick, And Delicious Meals With Seeds Of Change + Giveaway (Trip to Toronto + $1000 spending money!)

What if I told you the two meals featured in this post took less than 90 seconds to make? Oh yes, you read that right, 90 seconds!

Inspired by seeds as the foundation of goodness, Seeds of Change is passionate about the way their food is grown and the people who grow it. Seeds of Change wants to make a difference by helping people to know where their food comes from and how it is grown.

Originating in the United States, Seeds of Change is now available in Canada. I am thrilled to be apart of their launch!

I was sent 2 flavours from their line of 6 rice mixes: Quinoa & Brown Rice With Garlic, and Spanish Style: Wholegrain Rice with Quinoa + Red Bell Peppers + Corn.

The first meal I prepared was the spanish style rice. During weekdays, let’s be honest, after a 8+ hour day, we aren’t able to whip up a full-on gourmet meal all 5 days. However, as someone that places a good amount of thought into my meals, I still try to eat healthy and things I like despite being tired after I come home.

I usually have some food prepped from the weekend to mix into my meals throughout the week. I had some roast chicken available already from this past weekend, so all I had to do was add some mashed potatoes and fresh veggies with my rice, all set! So I exaggerated a little, the rice portion of this meal takes 90 seconds to cook. All I had to do was pop this little pouch into the microwave set to high, and heat for exactly 90 seconds. The rice wasn’t dry, just the right amount of moisture. I loved how there were bits of pepper and corn in the mix as well!

This was seriously one of the quickest meals I’ve ever made, yet so tasty and healthy!

The second meal I made was pairing the quinoa & brown rice + garlic with grilled salmon pieces. I absolutely loved the garlic taste in this mix! My favourite so far! A very good feature is the garlic doesn’t make your breath smell bad afterwards, but the rice still has a very garlicy taste to it. Paired with some salmon, it was a good combo!

Each package of rice is good for servings for 2 people.

This summer, Canadians have a chance win a GRAND PRIZE trip to Prince Edward County, Ontario to enjoy a once in a lifetime meal of original recipes from world renowned Chef Jamie Kennedy made with local, seasonal produce and Seeds of Change.

  • There will be five grand prizes that include travel for two to Prince Edward County from anywhere in Canada, two nights’ stay in nearby Toronto, and $1,000.00 CAD spending money.
  • The contest has currently started and ends on August 14, 2016, so enter fast!
  • To enter, head to your local major grocery retailer and purchase Seeds of Change®, and then enter online with the code on the package here.


Why I’m supporting Seeds of Change:

  • The entire process for the rice to be ready for serving is 90 seconds! Your instant noodles doesn’t even cook faster than this! And this is much more healthy. There are also NO PRESERVATIVES.
  • Seeds of Change offers the trust of a certified organic rice and ancient grain brand.
  • Seeds of Change is the only Certified Organic, ready-to-heat rice and grain brand available in Canada.
  • All 6 options are suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Strong corporate social responsibility + ethical practices: Seeds of Change recently launched its Seeds of Change® Grant Program in Canada, which contributes 1% of sales to community gardens across the country
    • Seeds of Change® contributes 1% of sales toward sustainable farming agriculture worldwide.
    • In Canada, Seeds of Change worked with local partner Evergreen to identify 12 community gardens from coast to coast who need grant money to get their garden started and keep them going all season long.
    • With one garden in every province, Seeds of Change is helping Canadians get access to local, organic food from coast to coast.

seeds of change flavors

Happy cooking, we look forward to seeing your meal creations!

Connect With Seeds Of Change
Website   Facebook   Hashtag: #SeedsOfChangeCA


Disclosure: This post is sponsored and created in collaboration with Seeds Of Change. As always, all opinions are my own and I would never promote something I wouldn’t use or buy myself 🙂

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