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Why Travelling Solo At Least Once (Well…Many Times Actually) Was Right For Me

I often read articles or see articles pop up on my social media feed talking about ‘reasons why you should travel alone’, which is great and all…but I always felt that it would be nice to learn why travelling solo was either a hit or miss for someone, rather than a list telling me why I should travel solo. This is probably why I love having 1-on-1 conversations with someone about travelling, I get to listen fully to how their travels have impacted them, whether it be emotionally or a few sun burns, haha!

I’ve definitely gone on more solo trips in the past few years than with companion(s), and I have quickly learned that I quite enjoy solo travelling. I lean more on the introverted side of the ‘spectrum’, so I do appreciate and enjoy the times when I am alone, and being alone in a beautiful foreign place is even better!

Why I love solo travelling and why it makes me happy:

  1. I feel that I can truly soak in all my surroundings. Sometimes all it takes is to not talk and just enjoy the environment you’re in.
  2. I meet more new people. When I’m travelling with someone else, I find that we stay between ourselves, but when I’m travelling alone, I have the most interesting conversations and encounters with strangers, whether they are locals or travelling from elsewhere.
  3. I regain all my energy. Many of us work hard, and as much as we all love our jobs and passions, it can use up a lot of our energy. Travelling solo has allowed me to recharge and gain back all the energy! After spending months to complete a rigorous curriculum to prep for the LSAT, I went on my Northern Lights trip (upcoming post soon!) and it was the best. I came back more than ready to pursue my next goals!
  4. I learned more about myself. I know this may sound like a cliché that many people say after travels, but I couldn’t agree more. I learned more about how I tend to react in certain situations, that I am capable of many things, but also certain things about myself that I need to work on and improve.
  5. Distance DOES make the heart grow fonder. Being in places by myself, I appreciate the presence of those in my life a lot more. I remember during my recent trip to Hong Kong, I was sitting by myself at a rooftop restaurant and wondering how awesome it would be to have a loved one with me right now to also enjoy the beautiful night view and delicious menu.

This post isn’t to say that solo travelling is any better than travelling with a companion, nor do I want to throw a list in your face. I wanted to share how it has impacted me and why it is a right fit for my personality. You can then decide if it is right for you. Or maybe you’ve been contemplating for awhile if you should take that trip somewhere by yourself, but wasn’t sure. Hopefully by sharing my thoughts, it has, and will, help you to make the decision for yourself 🙂

4 comments on “Why Travelling Solo At Least Once (Well…Many Times Actually) Was Right For Me

  1. Love this post! I actually did one for all the reasons that I prefer not to travel solo so it’s great to hear the other side of the story 🙂

    • Vuitton Chan

      Thanks for reading! I had a chance to read your post, love your perspective! I like that balance of travelling with my friends and solo 🙂

  2. I loveeee solo travel!

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