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First Look At The Tony Moly x Moschino Beauty Collection

With all the new beauty releases and collections this year, there’s just so many to choose from. In particular though, I’ve had my eye on the Tony Moly x Moschino collaboration that was just released in Asia. I’m a big fan of Tony Moly, a very popular Korean beauty brand that offers a variety of make-up and skin care products (pssst…their snail gold masks are AMAZING).

It’s been quite a whirlwind few months for Moschino, with their recent H&M collaboration, and now Tony Moly, their name keeps popping up on news feeds and probably many’s wish list this holiday season.

This collection is said to be an Asia exclusive, but word on the street is that it will be available in North America this December, however there is no specific date yet. Luckily, my dad is currently in Hong Kong this week, and managed to pick up a few items from this collection. Let’s give it up for dad haha!

Many products are sold out in Korea already (such as the phone case eye palette), and they’re just making their way to Hong Kong. This is Tony Moly’s first time collaborating with a luxury brand, so it’s kind of a big deal 😉

All photos are courtesy of my dad. He’s not back yet so I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly use the items and review them, but I wanted to give all my North America and Europe readers a first look since I know this collection is not available in those regions yet, and I can’t be the only one lusting after these items 🙂

The lipsticks aren’t available in Hong Kong yet, according to the sales associate, they’re probably coming in around the third week of December.

Another item on my want list were the lip tints. The black and gold packaging are absolute beauts. Each shade is offered in gloss or matte. I’m not particularly a fan of matte, so I opted for the gloss in no.3, which is a pinkish-peach shade.

This 100 hours cream is available regularly, the only difference is that this version has Moschino on the packaging. I’ve never used this cream myself, but it’s supposed to keep your skin hydrated for 100 hours per application.

As I’ve mentioned, this collection is selling quickly in Korea, and going by previous designer collaborations in Asia, this collection will also sell out soon in other parts of Asia. Fingers crossed the Tony Moly U.S. site will stock these products soon!


*All prices you see in the photos are in HKD

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