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Blogmas Holiday 2018 Advent Calendars Daily Opening Countdown

Happy December 1st lovelies!

I’m so excited to kick off the first day of blogmas + vlogmas with this post! If ya remember 2 holidays ago, I did a series where I opened my advent calendars each day with you in this review blog post. This year, I’m doing it again!

Unfortunately with the postal strike going on with Canada Post right now, a few of my calendars did not arrive in time for Dec 1, but I will add them here as soon as it arrives 🙂 I’ll be opening classic chocolate calendars, as well as beauty ones.

So far, I am opening the Thomas Sabo and Kinder Surprise calendars. The Thomas Sabo one is an absolute beaut, filled with Lindt Chocolate and some other surprises. Hopefully my L’OCCITANE calendar arrives in the next week, but for now, you can get yours for 40% off -> here 🙂

UPDATE: My L’OCCITANE calendar arrived, yay! This year, L’OCCITANE collaborated with Castelbajac Paris to create the design of their holiday collection, and the designs are stunning.. I’ll be opening the signature advent calendar, did you know with the purchase of each calendar, you contribute and support L’OCCITANE in helping UNICEF provide Vitamin A supplements to children in the fight against preventable childhood blindness. When there is a social cause aspect with one of my favourite brands, you bet you can count me in!


I love that L’OCCITANE really made a point to give back and have a social aspect to their holiday collection.


This Thomas Sabo calendar is so classy and festive, I was so happy to find out they had it available in their Vancouver boutiques! Naturally I had to go and get one for this year 😉

I always open a Kinder calendar each year since its my favorite childhood chocolate, and the calendar I make sure to get is the one filled with a mix of their chocolates.

Let’s start the countdown!

Dec 1:

Dec 2:

The heart Lindt chocolate for Day 2 is so so cute ☺️💙

Dec 3:

Dec 4:

And little piece of a Christmas market in Frankfurt 😉

Dec 5:

Dec 6:

On day 6 of the Thomas Sabo calendar there’s a mystery voucher to redeem amounts ranging from $10 – $500 to use on your purchase!

Dec 7:

Dec 8:

Dec 10:

Dec 11:

Dec 12:

Dec 13:

I’ve never used L’OCCITANE’s bath salt/melt before so I’m very excited to try this one 🙂

Giant Santa!!!!

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