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Blogmas: Bath & Body Works Winter+Christmas 2016 Haul


With so many other cool Christmas beauty and skin care products during this time of year, I didn’t expect I would buy much at Bath & Body Works. However, during a recent visit to check out the collection (now that they finally brought everything out from the Winter and Christmas collection for sale), I picked up a couple items to add to my evergrowing Christmas themed self care products stash.


This body wash is the definition of CHRISTMAS IN A BOTTLE. It smells like a bundle of pine cones, fresh snow (yes that is a scent lol), and Christmas wreath!



These gingerbread man socks are so cute and of quality! Bath & Body Works really does socks well. Infused with shea butter, they are so soft and keeps the feet toasty warm!


THE SWEETEST BERRIES. This body cream is yummmmm…..


The bells on this hand sanitizer holder can either be a pain in the butt for people when I use it around them, or they will love it as much as I do haha! The gold glitter is perfect for the holidays and new years, and holds my mini Purcell hand sanitizer perfectly! I like how it doesn’t only hold Bath & Body Works’ hand sanitizer, but fits other brands’ as well. I personally don’t like scented hand sanitizers such as the Bath & Body Works’ ones, so I only use unscented like Purcell. Glad to have found a cute festive holder for it!


How can anyone go through the holidays without a little vanilla bean? This vanilla bean lip gloss is very moisturizing and has hints of glitter too!

Hope you enjoyed this haul, I have lots more Christmas themed content planned for this month so subscribe and don’t miss out!

♥ Vuitton

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