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Glowbal Group COAST Longtable Dinner – Feature + New Menu Items


With the holidays coming up very soon, some of you might be looking to go out and spend time with loved ones at restaurants with a nice vibe and menu that has something for everyone in your group. Glowbal Group‘s Coast has always been one of those restaurants for me. Whether it is happy hour or a dinner, Coast’s menu always has something yummy to make each person satisfied! Recently, I was invited to a long table dinner here hosted by Glowbal Group.

The dinner was intimate, and guests were spoiled right from the moment we entered the doors – with drinks, appies, and the friendliest faces! We were treated with speciality and popular items from their menu, such as the seafood tower. As well as new additions to their menu like the very delicious lobster served in 2 ways: sashimi then cooked in miso soup. Some of you might be familiar with this Japanese style lobster dish.

Here are some quick snaps and shots from the evening! I spent most of the evening eating and chatting rather than take a million photos. Shocker, I know 😉


So I lied…Glowbal Group spoiled their guests even BEFORE the dinner started with this hand delivered gift perfect for oyster shucking!


Such a yummy menu!



Lobster sashimi cooked 2 ways


Crab cakes


Seafood tower, a must try here!


Glowbal Group has really good snapper dishes. I’ve tried it at Italian Kitchen (another Glowbal Group restaurant) and it was delicious!


A “little” surf and turf


For a restaurant that markets seafood as its specialty, they did an amazing job with this steak!




Fisherman’s catch. As if we didn’t eat enough seafood already that evening 😉


Let’s just say we all destroyed the platters of dessert very quickly haha!


Thank you to my friend Julia for being the best date ♥

Hope you have or will get to try some of these dishes soon! If you have any questions about the dishes or the restaurant, do let me know or I’m sure the lovely team at Glowbal Group can assist you as well 🙂

Happy nomming!


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