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Lush Halloween 2016 Mini Haul

I think by now I have learned that my love of Lush bath bombs is not a phase and is here to stay for a really long time haha. Recently I picked up a few bath bombs from their Halloween collection and I really wanted to share it with fellow bath bomb lovers, or those that are contemplating on using bath bombs! I know I know, I’m tackling some pretty serious issues here 😉

Sooooooo….let’s get started!

This is the full collection of the Halloween themed bath bombs.

You can also purchase these gift sets with a few bath bombs from the collection in each of these nicely wrapped sets with silly festive designs 😀

What I decided on.

This little monster is my favourite! Not only does the smell make me want to eat the whole thing, but the design is too cute! The eyeball is apparently made with vegan chocolate, VEGAN CHOCOLATE PEOPLE. But then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Lush.

After you drop it into a tub of warm water, the bath bomb fizzles and creates a beautiful colour show. Check out these colours!

As with all their bath bombs, I felt very relaxed after my bath and had a great night of sleep.

To my knowledge, this ghost bath melt is sold out online at the moment, but if you are in close distance of a store, do go in and check it out! This bath melt is super buttery and moisturizing! It almost feels like you’re bathing in milk, leaving your skin nourished, refreshed, and soft. I loved this one so much I ended up stocking up on 6 more as this collection is only offered for a specific time.

The tub of water is almost like milk!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this sparkly pumpkin. How could I resist?!? I haven’t used it yet, so I included a photo from Lush’s Instagram of what it would look like in water. When I tested this at the store the water was orange like a juice with hints of sparkle. I can’t wait to use it. Perfect for Autumn!

I highly recommend picking up a few Lush bath bombs for those ‘treat yourself’ days as it really does help with relaxation! I’ll be doing a post on my full relaxation and pamper routine soon, so do subscribe, and come back to check it out if you’re interested!


3 comments on “Lush Halloween 2016 Mini Haul

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  2. They are so cute!!! Love it

  3. These bath bombs are too cute to use omg! xx

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