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Blogmas: LUSH Winter+Christmas 2016 Collection


It really isn’t Christmas without some LUSH goodies. This year I was spoiled by a box of presents from the LUSH team, filled with items from this year’s holiday collection. As usual, their products did not disappoint. I’ve also included 2 ‘must have’ bath bombs in this review that I purchased recently.


If you’ve used the rose jam and bubbly shower gels before, you would know how amazing it smells. Rose jam smells exactly like a rose, and hints of strawberry jam smell. Bubbly has more of a citrus sweet smell. Reminder, since LUSH products are naturally made, it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin like mine! There aren’t too many shower gels I can use without irritable skin after, however LUSH is on my list of top choices.


The rose jam really looks like jam!


This face wash jelly is so moisturizing! It’s also shaped like a beard, like father Christmas’! After opening, I cut the ‘beard’ into smaller pieces, and use a piece for each wash. The hints of citrus smell is nice too.


This lotion has hints of lavender and almond scents. When I apply this, the lotion is usually fairly cool in temperature, and soothes the skin quite well. It is also very moisturizing and hydrating, perfect for this time of year.



This body conditioner has a mint tingly feeling when you apply it. Although peppermint is very Christmas-y, I would recommend using this product in the summer to cool down from the hot temperature, so hopefully LUSH brings it back next summer! After using this in the shower, my skin feels so soft that I may forget to use lotion after!



This Shoot For the Stars bath bomb is so pretty! I love the gold stars mixed with the blue.


If you read my last LUSH review of their Autumn collection, I mentioned how much I love the butter bath bombs. I had to pick up more this Winter! This butter bear filled with cocoa butter smells and feels amazing! It doesn’t have that ‘exciting’ factor when you dissolve it in water, but soaking in hot water with this bath bomb is very relaxing, and my skin is so soft after using.


This Santasaurus bubble bar is my favourite in this collection! I mean, just look at it. Isn’t it the most adorable thing ever? LUSH bubble bars are reusable, meaning you can use it multiple times before it runs out! The bubble bar is perfect for a bubble bath, this Santasaurus turns the water green and filled with bubbles, very relaxing and fun!


Santasaurus just casually watching the Northern Lights 😉 I couldn’t not take a photo of it with my Northern Light photo prints I hung up in my home, very fitting!


This Magic Wand is such a LUSH classic. Smells just like their Snow Fairy collection! This is also a bubble bar, so you can use it multiple times, and it turns your water glittery pink with bubbles, and smells like candy! As with some of the other sparkly bath bombs, if you aren’t a fan of sparkles, I would advise staying away from this one haha! I’ve been meaning to get one of these wands this year, so I picked one up along with the bear recently. Loving it so far!

Thank you so much LUSH for the Christmas goodies! I loved every product ♥

There are a lot more selection in this collection, I’ve included some photos of the gift sets they have in stores, which you can also find online! But if you’re able to, go into your local store and test/smell the products in person, it’s really fun and way more festive too! 🙂



As always, thank you to those following this blog and Blogmas ♥

2 comments on “Blogmas: LUSH Winter+Christmas 2016 Collection

  1. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with their winter collection, I don’t want it to leave. Great post! Do you think you could check out my blog and possibly follow if you like? Thanks so much xx

  2. Such a cute post! We have to try that Papa Noel! xx, Britta & Carli from

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