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The Smallest In Size, Yet Biggest Gift To Give Someone That Is Moving Away

Welcome to another of my DIY projects 🙂 The one I am sharing today is one of my all time favourites. Awhile ago, I was coming up with a present to give someone that was moving away to Eastern Canada for a period of time. When someone is moving away, the last thing they want to do is bring something that takes up half of their luggage, or majority of a box they are shipping over. That was when I came up with the idea for a USB survival kit!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person that has come up with this idea, but at the time I was really excited to work on this DIY project. Up until today, I still gift survival kits like this one for others. It is personal, special, and most importantly, doesn’t take up a lot of space but provides them with a lot of things they may miss from their old home.

The supplies you need to get started: a USB drive with at least 15GB available, a computer, photos, and lots of creativity!

I set up multiple folders on the USB for this person to open. Each containing files that would be suitable for days when they missed Vancouver, or when they just need something to cheer them up.

I filled each folder with a lot of photos I took myself. Places around our home city, University at the time, food, anything they loved. To get this person excited about their new home, I also included photos of places I had previously been to in Eastern Canada that this person would eventually explore for themselves when they moved there.

I ended up putting a lot of clips and videos we both talked about or watched together before. Obviously videos will take up more room on the USB, so plan accordingly when you are choosing the memory size of the USB 🙂

This project took me many hours compiling and retrieving thousands and thousands of photos I had stored on my computer, but it was also fun for me to go through my own previous adventures and memories. I would set aside at least a full afternoon for this project depending how much content you wish to put on the USB.

The main point is to have fun and put your heart into this project, the final result will definitely reflect your thoughtfulness for whoever you are gifting this to 🙂 Enjoy, and stay tuned for more of my DIY project ideas!

5 comments on “The Smallest In Size, Yet Biggest Gift To Give Someone That Is Moving Away

  1. What a thoughtful gift and wonderful idea!

  2. This would be an awesome gift to receive!

  3. That’s such a creative gift idea! xx

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