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Greater Vancouver Zoo ‘Creating For Conservation’ + Giveaway

To help raise awareness about animal conservation initiatives, the Greater Vancouver Zoo is asking kids, kids at heart, or anyone who loves building to create a LEGO sculpture on the theme of animal conservation. The sculptures will be on display for everyone to enjoy and will be judged by a panel for exciting prizes! You do not have to submit a LEGO display to attend this event, so come by and see what other people have submitted, and enjoy a day at the zoo!

LEGO has been my favourite toy as a kid, and even now, I still enjoy building sculptures (you are never too old for LEGO!) or attending LEGO-themed events whenever I can. The Greater Vancouver Zoo also has a special place in my heart, I always have so much fun there! I still remember the first time at this zoo and how excited I was to see the giraffes!

Event Details:

  • Saturday July 30th from 8:30am ­- 11:30am (competition), you are free to stay at the zoo until closing at 7pm.
  • Location: Greater Vancouver Zoo
  • Purchase tickets here

Proceeds from the event will go to conservation efforts supported by the Zoo, such as endangered species breeding programs.

I’ve partnered up with GV Zoo to give away a pair of tickets, (Adult + Child, or 2 Adult tickets, your pick) for this exciting event! All you have to do is either or all of the combinations (psstt…your chances of winning increase if you do them all!). Giveaway ends July 27.

Enter Giveaway Here GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to everyone that entered! The winner has been contacted 🙂 Please stay tuned to future giveaways!


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31 comments on “Greater Vancouver Zoo ‘Creating For Conservation’ + Giveaway

  1. Vuitton Chan

    Thank you everyone for entering! The winner has been chosen and will be contacted shortly 🙂 Stay tuned for future giveaways!

  2. A turtle for my mom

  3. PEnguin 😊

  4. I would make a flamingo my favourite

  5. cat cat cat!

  6. hmm a horse! If I win I will take my bro

  7. Penguins would be so adorable!!!!

  8. Jennifer Lam

    I would build a snowman because it is so hot right now ^^

  9. A dog as well

  10. dog for sure

  11. Omg I would totally build a cat #catladyforever

  12. Jessica Tam

    Definitely a monkey for me 😀

  13. I would build a fish

  14. A bear!

  15. For this competition I will build a bear

  16. A doggy just like my little pug!

  17. I would build a bear

  18. Maryanne

    I would build a giraffe! The long neck might be a challenge!

  19. I will build a dog 🙂

  20. whale

  21. Lily Anne

    a cat because I have 3 real ones at home lol

  22. a fluffy sheep.

  23. Sarah Lin

    Mickey Mouse!

  24. I would totally build a lion because that’s my favorite animal. 🙂

  25. I want to build a bird for this challenge

  26. Christopher

    a tigerrrr

  27. kitty

  28. this event looks so much fun! I would build a unicorn 🙂

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