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Lolë White Tour 2017 (Vancouver) + Vlog

On July 1st (Canada Day!), I attended the Lole White Tour. Lolë, a brand originating from Montreal, created the white tour to bring together yoga enthusiasts from all over the World to celebrate the practice of yoga, health, mindfulness, and peace.

With past events in Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Utah, etc., this is a highly anticipated event for many! I had an incredible time and can’t wait for next year! Perhaps attending the event in another city? I’ve included some photos and also a vlog of the tour, enjoy! 🙂

All participants receive a Lolë yoga mat so you don’t have to bring your own!

I love my new top for yoga and working out! This top is part of the 2017 White Tour collection. The quality of their clothing is amazing, so do check it out!

All participants also received a goodie bag filled with essentials to give our bodies some love!


P.S. Don’t forget to dress in white! 😉

♥ Vuitton

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