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DIY Ideas: Tea & Coffee Advent Calendar

I always enjoy looking at other people’s DIY projects and getting some inspiration for projects I can make for myself or family and friends. A couple months ago, instead of buying a birthday gift for someone, I wanted to make a unique diy project. I love advent calendars, and I have seen people gifting multiple small presents instead of one big gift.

I combined my two ideas of an advent calendar and gifting multiple presents to make this tea+coffee advent calendar! This project was for a 27th birthday celebration, so I decided to use 27 of my top coffee and tea picks to represent each year.

The entire crafting process took about 3 hours. Not all the tea and coffee selections I had at home would have been suitable for this individual, so I did spend half a day on a little tea shopping trip when I went to pick up the material to put everything together. I would set aside a day for this project. I guarantee you it will be very fun sampling many types of tea and coffee to pick for the recipient of this gift!


Tea and coffee from places such as China, Japan, Canada, Europe. Jasmine tea, green tea, drip coffee, and pumpkin spice latte were just a few of the exciting selections. So many different types for the recipient! Some of the selections are from Starbucks, Muji, David’s Tea, Teavana.

After I picked out my coffee and tea, it was time to put it all together! I wrapped each selection in ‘Happy Birthday’ wrapping paper. After I wrapped all 27, I labelled each one from 1 to 27. There were some packets heavier than others, so make sure to even out the weight for each row.

I bought hanger clips and threaded it through some string. As you can see in the photo, it helps to buy hangers with a small hole for the string to go through. You can find these clips, string, and wrapping paper at many craft or stationary stores. I bought wooden clips to give it that vintage and Pinterest look when it is hung on the wall.

Make sure to triple knot it through the hole in the clip so it is strong enough to support the weight of the packets. The packets should hang off the thread nicely.


Your diy advent calendar present is now finished! Enjoy 🙂

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, I would be more than happy to assist with locating certain products or answering any questions on making this project!

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