The Girl Behind These Posts

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Why hello there, I see you stumbled upon my blog 🙂

I started this blog to share bits and pieces of my life, thoughts, and things that I enjoy. The theme ‘More Than A Handbag’ came from my name (Vuitton Chan), and the funny+silly conversation starters I always have when meeting someone new. “Do you have shares in that company?” “Your parents must really love bags!” “Can I call you LV?” are common jokes shared.

Throughout the posts on this blog and my other social media channels (connect with me here), you will learn that my life, interests, and passions are, wait for it…….MORE THAN A HANDBAG. I want to share my stories and inspire others that it is possible to balance a life of pursuing all the things you love. Whether that be being a (future) lawyer, female empowerment enthusiast, human rights advocate, lifestyle + travel blogger, photographer, and Instagrammer (lol) all at the same time. I believe in living a life that makes me happy, reflects my core values, and just saying yes to myself to get out there and explore the many exciting things available to us!

I’m currently working in the legal and advocacy sector, with a focus on women’s rights, prevention of domestic violence and abuse, and increasing access to legal aid. To further my experience and knowledge in this field, I’m also involved in research to learn more about child memory and testimony credibility in the Canadian legal system. In addition, I will be completing a Juris Doctor degree, allowing me to further pursue my passions within the legal field. I’m also involved with a couple of initiatives and projects in Vancouver to support youth and mentorship. As you can assume, a portion of my posts may include topics and issues that I advocate for. To learn more about current+past work I’ve been apart of, let’s connect on LinkedIn!

Exploring my own city through delicious eats and events, travelling, photography, writing, and constantly seeking the next adventure, are a few ways I like to relax from the demanding schedule of my professional goals, and a great creative outlet! I mean, we can all relate to the feeling of seeking that one dish we go ‘ahhhh…’ and talk about for awhile. Yeah, that is an amazing feeling.

Send me a tweet or message anytime! As I love to learn about other people’s stories!

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