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Kai Kai Dessert – A Michelin Star Gem In Hong Kong

When in Hong Kong, a true HK style dessert experience is a must, in addition to having a traditional breakfast with macaroni in soup of course 😉 Many of you know that I visit my second home, Hong Kong, each year to see my family + friends, and I always come to Kai Kai.



Kai Kai specializes in Hong Kong style desserts, such as sesame soup “黑芝麻糊“, tofu pudding, red/green bean paste soup, almond soup – truly classics. The quality of their desserts is clearly present, and they have acclaimed the coveted Michelin star recognition. In recent years they had to move because after the Michelin star, their original rent rate was increased by 120%! Their shop is now located in the Jordan area.

Every single time I go back to Hong Kong, I arrive by the early morning flight and freshen up just in time to have dim sum with my grandma around noon. Our favourite old school dim sum places are in Jordan, so coming to Kai Kai after dim sum is very close by and convenient, which is why I come here all the time when I’m back 🙂



I always get their almond soup, made from freshly grounded almonds. There are many dessert places that use store-bought almond paste to make this dessert, and it seriously does not taste the same as a freshly made batch. I also like sesame soup, but don’t want to eat a whole order, so I always take a couple bites from a family member or friend that orders it 😉 Going for desserts with a few people is always great, we can order different kinds to share and try as many as possible!

The thing with Hong Kong style desserts is that you can have it cold or hot. During the very hot summer months peaking at high 30’s, a cool bowl of this is perfect to combat the heat. Change things up during winter and opt for a hot version to warm up your belly 🙂

Their menu is in chinese, but you can ask for the translated english version. If you’re planning to order a ‘must try’ item, just know the name before-hand and tell them. Many travellers come to Kai Kai, so the staff are quite helpful if you don’t speak cantonese or mandarin.

I recommend trying the following:

  • almond soup
  • sesame soup
  • papaya soup + snow fungus (a cold bowl of this is so refreshing during the summer!)


A wall filled with photos of Hong Kong celebrities that love this place too!

Have you been to Kai Kai before? Or is this on your list for your next visit to Hong Kong? I’m already excited to go again as I’m writing this!

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