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Happy International Women’s Day! #PressForChange 2018

Happy International Women’s Day lovelies!

It’s that time of year where we all come together to celebrate the accomplishments of women. Last year, I wrote a letter to each and every one of you which was one of my most read articles on this site, here’s the link to last year’s post.

This past 1.5 weeks has felt like a year, in the best way possible. There were so many changes for myself, and many of my friends around me, especially girlfriends. I closed one chapter of my life, but also started/starting a couple new chapters (more on that soon!). So for this year’s IWD post, I was inspired to dedicate a post to share some amazing milestones and accomplishments in the past year of the women in my life. I say this all the time, but there are some pretty awesome women in my life and I always like to cheer them on with the things they are doing in our community.

  1. Started new dream jobs + roles in their field – HR, Health, Fitness, Marketing, Accounting, Publishing, etc.
  2. Started her first job as a genetic counsellor
  3. Published novels
  4. Launched passion projects (blogs, programs to help others, etc.)
  5. Had a newborn baby girl that is going to grow up to be just as strong and accomplished as her mum
  6. Launched new businesses
  7. Got matched to their top residency choices and will be graduating medical school this year
  8. Finished residency
  9. Took that leap and moved away for work or school
  10. Defended their dissertation and completed their PhD program
  11. In the happiest relationships ever with partners that inspire and support all the amazing things they do each day
  12. Wrote and passed their Bar exams
  13. Travelled solo for the first time
  14. Passed their CPA exams
  15. Worked on her first major film as a digital artist
  16. New home owners
  17. Put in a lot of hard work and time to successfully expand their businesses and ventures
  18. Many of my blogger friends had the opportunity to participate in some dream partnerships
  19. Making that long-time goal happen of travelling the world
  20. Taking a chance to start a career in a completely different field than the one they were currently in
  21. Created some incredibly delicious recipes with their own personal twist to it
  22. Being healthy, happy, and surrounded by people that they love, who loves them back just as much ❤

And lastly…………….

This year has been filled with lots of changes and challenges for me, as I mentioned, in all the best ways possible. I feel very fortunate to have these opportunities and I’m excited for this upcoming year. I’m constantly seeing more of this world through travels and experiences, and I can confidently and happily say I am one step closer each day to my goals of what I want to do within international law and human rights, and a few new opportunities + milestones this year reflects exactly that.

My one thought to leave you all with this year: when you are truly, genuinely happy for someone else’s success, that feeling is one of the best feelings in the world. Trust me on this 🙂

Happy International Women’s Day again to all you ladies out there doing great things!

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