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25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi’s Review

You know when you’re travelling, sometimes you just want that ‘different’ vibe and experience when choosing a hotel? I can’t really put the feeling into words, but when I was in Frankfurt, I stayed at the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi’s, which was exactly what I was looking for. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, or if you’ve stayed at this hotel before, or plan to after reading this post, you will know exactly what I mean by the feeling of different and unique.

This hotel is part of the 25hours hotel group, with locations in other parts of Europe (I plan to visit a few of their other locations in the near future!). What I like about this group is that each hotel has its own unique brand and twist to it. As the name suggests, 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi’s is in collaboration with the denim brand Levi’s. All you hipsters would appreciate this haha!

I arrived in Frankfurt bright and early at 7:30am, and since Olive’s flight (one of my besties) was not arriving until 10ish, I decided to head to the hotel first. Going from Frankfurt airport to the central train station is a very quick commute, about 10-15mins. After I arrived at the train station, the walk to this hotel was also a very short distance, about 10 minutes max. The hotel itself was also very easy to find, as the outside had a big Levi’s sign on it.

I love how it’s designed like a cardboard box, definitely aligning with Levi’s’ branding. There is also a Levi’s shop on the same block as this hotel too!


When I arrived, I was greeted by warm smiles and a very witty check-in staff. The check-in receptionists I usually encounter are more reserved in what they say, and don’t try to make jokes, but I definitely enjoyed this guy’s sense of humour! It’s a nice welcome especially after just landing from a long flight.

Since I was a bit earlier than my intended arrival time, my room was not ready yet. I was invited to lounge around their lobby with a cup of coffee. It really makes you feel at home.


After a short while, my room was ready!


I stayed in the large (L) room, approximately 25sqm / 269sqft with a queen-sized bed and comfy sofa chairs. There was a charging station and cables for us to charge our devices, as well as a speaker to play music, very well-equipped. All guests have access to things such as WiFi, the iMac workstation on the main floor, Schindelhauer bikes for rent, and even free MINI cars to use (upon availability)! Oh, and of course the adorable stuffed animal (their mascots) in the photo at the beginning of this post, that you get to cuddle with to sleep!

Each room has really unique pieces carefully selected. In the room I stayed in, you can see a photo of The Beatles hanging above the bed!

I didn’t have any issues with the air conditioning and ventilation, we kept part of the windows opened all the time. Our room also had a very spacious balcony that is shared with a few other rooms beside us.

In terms of noise levels, despite the hotel being located on a more busier street (especially at night, compared to some other parts of central Frankfurt), Olive and I had no issues with noise and slept like piggies. We can only hear faint traces of the occasional person yelling, but we did have our windows opened, so if we had them closed, we probably wouldn’t be able to hear a thing.


Each room has a pair of ‘forgotten Levi’s jeans’ as decor! Very cool.


The bathrooms use a rainshower, and is very spacious and clean. Cleanliness is a high priority for me when choosing a hotel, I’m not a high-maintenance person (says every high-maintenance person lol), I promise, I do go camping and tough it out frequently 😉 I should note that the room we had, there was no door between the bathroom and rest of the room. This is also the case for many other hotels in Europe, a little heads up when you’re travelling with someone haha!



This is the medium (M) room.


And lastly, the single (S) room. There is also the bunk bed room and XL room.


This is the Andy Warhol room! How amazing is this!?! I love art and Warhol, and this was just so friggin amazing. Apparently Levi’s jeans is a favourite of Warhol!

And now let’s take a moment to appreciate these stairs. I may or may not have ended up doing a mini photoshoot here haha!


The courtyard. I didn’t get a chance to go out here as we didn’t stay in Frankfurt long enough to just do nothing and relax at the hotel, this courtyard would be nice during warm weathers with a nice book and iced beverage. I can definitely imagine myself writing some blog posts with this surrounding.


There is also a rooftop patio for some amazing views of the city. And now we go to my favourite part of this review………………



Aside from bathrooms, whether a hotel has restaurants or a good brekkie selection is quite important to me. Sometimes I’ll order room service and eat in bed, or alternate between eating at the hotel before a day of adventures, and going out for brekkie at a restaurant on my list. I’ve heard great reviews about this hotel’s restaurant, so I was excited to try it! And it did not disappoint! It was so good that on the day Olive and I were supposed to head to Munich, we missed our train because we spent a bit too long with our food! Prioritizing food is seriously such a very Vuitton thing to do haha!

In the evening there are many guests that come down for a drink or two, the area feels quite fun and busily cozy.

The decor is very artsy, funky, and cozy, reminds me of the brunch places I would find on Main Street back home in Vancouver.

Technically, most guests sit at the tables if they’re having food, and those just drinking a cup of coffee sit at the lounge area. I decided, why not sit at the cozy sofas and pillows? So sorry to the staff that had to come further out to the lounge area to clean up after us, oops!

How yummy does this look!? There were full selections of breads (croissants, pretzels…when in Germany I gotta have my pretzels fix), sausages, warm scrambled eggs, cheese, meats, veggies, and a range of teas + juice + coffee. Remember to pick up a copy of VICE to read while you nom away (you can find a stack in the workstation room right after you come out of the elevator, on your left)!


The view of the hotel at night.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I very much enjoyed my stay here at 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi’s. I love the concept of incorporating art + music and transforming the hotel into what I felt was a mini fun modern art exhibit. In the middle of a city that has so much historical culture, it’s nice to have some modern flavour and vibes. The location is very convenient as well. I highly recommend considering this hotel when you visit Frankfurt, and have a look at the other locations in Europe!

Thank you to the team at 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi’s for hosting Olive and I, as always, all opinions are honest and my own, and a bit of Olive’s too 🙂

“Since we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we believe that our guests deserve to have a bit of fun. Everyone who stays at a 25hours Hotel should leave with a story to tell.”

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