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Make Your Own Beanie/Toque – DIY

Last fall, I’ve been looking for a beanie/toque with a particular design that I had in mind. I wanted a black beanie with a single red heart on the side. Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to find anything similar. I then decided to make my own! I love DIY, as I would be able to design my item exactly just how I like it. Given the cold temperature I’m currently still experiencing in Canada, I’m still wearing beanies when out and about, and during my days on the slopes skiing!

toque 8

Shopping for the materials for my DIY project is always my favourite part. There are so many cute patches out there! I finally found a sheet of patches with the red heart I had envisioned.

toque 1

toque 6

Found a very soft and warm plain black beanie!

toque 5

Applying the patch on is very simple. After moving the patch around to see where I wanted it placed, I used a clothes iron (set on high heat) to stick the patch on. Remember to have an iron board or cushion/pillow of some sort underneath the beanie so the heat won’t damage the surface you’re doing this on.

toque 2

After about 5 minutes of ironing (with occasional breaks lifting the iron away from the patch), the patch stayed on perfectly, even until months later!

toque 4

This DIY project is very simple to make, but so much fun! Instead of shopping for that design you want, why not shop for patches to make your own?

As always, have fun with this! I would love to see photos of your designs, so please do share with me! 🙂

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