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Empowering The Creator & Consumer Through Fashion – Nasya

I always say I’m very fortunate to be surrounded with women whom I learn from and constantly inspires me. I’ve met and worked with many lady bosses over the years, and their drive to break the shatter and bulletproof glass ceiling is amazing.

Towards the end of 2016, I had the pleasure of connecting with the founder of Nasya, an ethically conscious company that just launched as of last week. Nasya’s goal is to empower and recognize the capabilities of women through their pieces of clothing and jewelry, whether it is the person wearing the collection, or the people crafting the pieces behind the scenes.


With values that clearly align with mine, how can I not want to collaborate with and support Nasya? I’m currently on vacation in Thailand, and brought the Kari dress with me to wear and style on this trip! The photos were taken at the rooftop garden at my hotel!




The material and fit is really good! I love how their current selections have diverse styles that appeal to a variety of tastes. Something for everyone and every occasion! The Kari dress I chose fits my style best, and the opaque design on the back is my favourite aspect of this piece! This dress can be worn to events, or for a fun casual night out. The sizing runs true to size, so I would order the size you normally wear for dresses.

Check out the rest of the collection here. Congratulations to Nasya on a successful launch!


By this point of my trip, I’ve probably taken many hours worth of videos and a million photos, can’t wait to share more on here soon!

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