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Blogmas: Take Care Of Your Skin With ZenMed After A Day On The Slopes – Tips + Giveaway


I’m very lucky to live only an hour drive away from the closest slope, with many more that are still relatively close by within a couple hours drive. Each Winter, I go on at least 1 full weekend long trip, and also multiple day trips to go skiing, which is one of my most favourite things to do!

After a full day of cold air on the mountain and sunlight (snow reflects the sun very well to project onto the skin!) on my skin, part of my après ski routine is a nice relaxing shower and a thorough pampering of my skin. Of course, a comfort meal and going in the hot tub/massages as well 😉

In partnership with ZENMED, a natural skincare brand I’ve been using lately, I’m going to share some of the products that are part of my routine, tips to take care of your skin after a day on the slopes, and also to gift a set of these products featured here (or similar, depending on preference by the giveaway recipient).

1. Give Your Skin A Nice Cleanse


The first thing to do as part of any routine, is a basic cleanse. I’ve been using this facial cleansing gel that feels light and fresh on my skin, and most importantly it doesn’t irritate or make my skin all red and blotchy after use. Their products are designed for sensitive skin (yay!).

2. Show Your Skin That Extra Love With A Deeper Cleanse


Word of caution, do not use a scrub too much! Or you will dry your skin up. You know what they say about too much of a good thing will end up being not good for you? In this case that rule applies. I use a scrub about 2-3 times a week, usually that means after using, I wait a couple days before using it again. Scrubs are meant to go beyond and cleanse deeper into your skin compared to a basic face wash. This scrub has a mint scent to it, and a minty fresh face feels SO AMAZING and RELAXING after a day of skiing for me.

3.  Spray Some Magic To Open Up Those Pores


Ok maybe it isn’t really magic, but a good toner is practically magic. A couple sprays of this toner and it unblocks my pores, and also takes away the redness on my cheeks from being exposed to the cold all day.

4. Finish Off With A Moisturizer Of Your Choice

I can’t stress this enough! Make sure to put on your trusty moisturizer before going off to dinner or more après ski fun. I also like to put on some moisturizer BEFORE going on the slopes.

5. Extra Tips 

  • If you don’t have ski/snowboard goggles, wear a pair of sunglasses. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the sun reflects off of snow very well, and besides that being bad for your eyes, it can get quite dangerous going down the slopes if your sight is distracted by strong sunlight.
  • Drink lots of water after to stay hydrated!
  • Have fun after a day of skiing 🙂 I like to have a big feast+ice cream, and go in the hot tub, followed by massages the next morning.

Giveaway Details

I started off this holiday with a giveaway, and now that Christmas and New Years is quickly approaching, I wanted to thank all the readers of this blog, and those following me on my other social accounts. I’ve connected with so many unique and amazing people through my blogging adventures and this giveaway is a small token of thanks.

Also a thank you to ZENMED for looking after my skin, and supporting me in giving back to my supportive interweb friends. ZENMED also has some holiday discounts for their other products, so do check that out!

To thank current readers, those that are subscribed to my blog will be automatically entered for this giveaway ♥

If you’re not subscribed, to enter this giveaway, all you have to do is subscribe to this blog. We don’t need to make a giveaway complicated 😉  This contest ends on December 30th at 11:59pm, open internationally.

I’m sad that blogmas is almost ending, but it has been a lot of fun writing and sharing these posts! Thank you again everyone for being incredibly supportive! ♥

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