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Blogmas: My Inflight Travel Skin Care Essentials + Tips


Some of you may have upcoming travels this holiday, or looking to add some new items to keep your skin refreshed during your travels. This post will focus on my essentials DURING the flight.During a long haul flight, I usually like to spend some time pampering my skin.  Whether you are flying long haul or a red eye flight, hopefully these products and tips will help you stay fresh with happy skin, from boarding to arrival!

To make your travel experience simpler, all of these products featured are available for purchase at your local Sephora/their website! You can stock up on all your essentials in one go! Imagine having to find a handful of different brands at various locations across town? While tackling those last minute to-do’s?


This purity face wash by Philosophy is the perfect campanion! This face wash comes in a travel friendly size, and cleanses very well, as well as removes makeup. It is gentle on the skin, moisturizing, and the scent is not too overpowering.


Besides my face, I also like to look after my lips during the flight. This Agave Lip Mask by BITE Beauty is just perfect for that! I leave it on when I’m taking a nap, and it just works its magic! Like a face mask, you apply this and let it replenish the moisture in your lips.


This serum (Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Creme) is AMAZING. What better way to use a serum than on a flight? You mix the special beads with the cream and apply it before sleeping, and it will repair dry skin and hydrate it. Remember with serums, you don’t need to use too much!



I always like to tuck a small bottle of perfume in my bag to freshen up, especially being on a plane for 10-13 hours, there is just something special about putting on a scent and feeling fresh afterwards. I’ve featured 4 scents that are travel size friendly, and leaves you feeling fresh!

Philosophy has 2 scents that I love and use for daily wear as well. Pure Grace and Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace smells light, floral, fresh, like Spring. Pure Grace has a stronger sweet floral scent for those that want something a bit stronger.


NEST Fragrances has some of the most unique scents I’ve ever seen. Featured here is Verde and Indigo. Indigo is sweet and sits well throughout the day, I’ve been using this quite a bit daily. Verde smells like that fresh clean scent after a shower.

After going through some products, let me share my inflight beauty tips!

  • Try to bring all your liquid skincare products in a hand-carry. Leaving it in a large suitcase will be more prone to spillage during transit.
  • On that note, make sure your bottles are within the < 100 mL limit for liquids to bring on the plane.
  • I like to bring 1 large makeup bag to store everything I will be using, also leaving room for my passport, boarding tickets, and extra currency I’ve brought with me. That way everything I need is in 1 central bag for convenience, and less chances of losing things.
  • For extra pampering, bring a sheet of face mask with you for the flight so your skin stays extra hydrated.
  • Although the items I’ve featured here are travel size friendly, you can always buy small empty bottles and fill it up with the products with larger bottle sizes that you wish to bring with you.
  • I am in no position to tell you whether or not you should wear makeup on the flight, but having skin clear of makeup when you go through these pampering routines, will be more effective since your pores are open and clean to fully absorb the products.
  • All these products are great for daily use as well!
  • Stay hydrated with lots of water! Being high in elevation will dry out your skin, so make sure to drink lots of fluids!

Have some great trips, stay safe, and thank you for reading! ♥

This post is created in collaboration with Sephora Canada, of course, all opinions are my own. I think we can all agree that Sephora is just amazing, how can I not pick up my travel essentials from there?

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