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Blogmas: Fly To The North Pole This Christmas With Flyover Canada


Who doesn’t want to fly to the North Pole? Maybe visit Santa and Mrs. Claus? Ok maybe not everyone, but if you do, FlyOver Canada is quite the treat for yourself and/or loved ones this holiday!

If you haven’t heard of FlyOver Canada before, it’s an attraction located in downtown Vancouver that takes you on a ride ‘across Canada’. You are on a simulation ride that literally goes across Canada’s most popular sites and scenery. Having travelled to some of the places featured, it was interesting to ‘revisit’ them from a different perspective and experience. So for those that have travelled quite a bit within Canada and are concerned, I assure you it’ll still be fun!

My first time here was Halloween 2015 during their Halloween themed season, and loved my experience! When I was recently invited to attend their open house media night to experience their Christmas edition of this ride, I knew we were up for a treat. With a beautiful sneak peek video (below), I was excited to fly to North Pole to visit Santa!

Located at Canada Place, even the sails are winter themed!


Look at that beautiful lighting at the entrance stairs!




I don’t want to spoil all the surprises for you so I’ll only include a couple photos of the pre-flight show, where you’re introduced to FlyOver Canada and what to expect. Also, Santa and Mrs. Claus will talk to you 😉


Cozy cabin to winter wonderland during the pre-show.




Such beautiful decor


This area was set aside for attendees of the open house to listen to some live music, laugh with the Elf helpers, grab a hot beverage and indulge in snacks. They don’t have this as part of the experience on other days, but I had such an amazing time I wanted to take you all through my evening as well 🙂


The s’mores station was my favourite! A big thank you to the nice staff that made me the perfect s’mores! 😀


IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. Seriously I’m drooling just looking at the photos again.


Thank you so much FlyOver Canada for hosting such a fun evening, and making sure to keep us all toasty warm and in the festive spirit! I highly recommend checking out this attraction whether you’re a local resident or visiting from elsewhere. Having been to both the Halloween and Christmas theme, I liked the concept of visiting Santa at the North Pole a lot more, or maybe because I just love Christmas too much. Soaring over the Arctic with the northern lights (in high definition lol 😉 ) reminded me of my experience watching the lights during my Canadian Arctic trip, so I had a bit of a reminiscing moment of one of my most memorable experiences.

The Christmas theme will stay until January 2, 2017, so don’t miss out! It really is a unique experience worth trying at least once.

Hope you’re all having a great holiday so far and be sure to follow along my Blogmas series, such as my daily advent calendar opening! I’ll be adding my Paul & Joe calendar in this week (finally!), so be sure not to miss out ♥ In the meantime, stay festive and warm!


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