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Snackart Collective – Art in a Vending Machine

Returning for another year, Snackart Collective is an art installation, part of the East Side Culture Crawl.

What’s really cool about this installation are the Instagram photos selected for feature, all photographed from people that were in Vancouver (locals and visitors) during a specific period this summer. Using a vending machine approach, each of these photos are printed to be purchased like you would as a snack from these machines, how cool is that!?!

One of my photos was selected this year as part of the installation, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Remember this one from my Instagram? 😉

I will definitely be making a visit to purchase a copy of mine (and potentially stop my mother from purchasing all of the available copies of my photo like she said she would lol) and also see what other photos are featured! There’s seriously some pretty amazing ones!

You can check out this installation at the Pendulum Gallery on 885 West Georgia in Downtown Vancouver, running from November 7 to December 3, so don’t miss out!

If you purchased a copy of my photo I would love to know! Please tweet me or tag me on Instagram! Also, a big thank you to the Snackart Collective team for featuring me in this installation!

♥ Vuitton

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