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Diner En Blanc 2016 + Tips

I admit, I gravitate towards things that give a clean look, good for the Insta (come on, admit it 😉 ), and white. So the opportunity to dress up in white and dine with (I do love a good meal) a few thousand people in practically a ‘Pinterest came to life’ evening, you will find me there!

On August 18, I attended the 5th annual Vancouver Diner En Blanc. To give you all some background information for those that haven’t heard of it before, every year a group of people all decked out in white meet at a secret location for a ‘picnic’. Think of it as an upgraded picnic, where everything is carefully set up and you’re dressed fairly well. It is very fun because it is always nice to run into people there and catch up, also, the festivities (especially the live music) are always amazing! From picking what I was going to wear, the evening’s meal, and actually heading to the location, it was all very exciting! I’ll let my photos speak for themselves, I must’ve taken a few hundred that evening!


That initial moment and excitement when more people arrive at the meeting spot!


The basket full of goodies and other essentials for the evening ahead.

Finally arrived! The secret spot this year was at Concord Pacific. If you’re not familiar with Diner En Blanc, you don’t get to find out where that year’s venue is until a few hours prior.

All the table decor is white. I opted for a larger candle holder and sleeker flower arrangement for a different set up. Most people bring a nice big flower centerpiece and I wanted to try something different.

Napkins are waved, signaling that Diner En Blanc has begun!

I chose some sparkling water for the evening, fresh bread to start, and also take-out from one of my favourite small Italian restaurant. A pasta featuring grilled chicken, eggplant, peppers, in a yummy tomato sauce!

Believe me when I say it was really fun being amongst a bunch of people all dressed in white!

Very talented performers indeed!

My outfit for the evening! My dress had some serious lace detailing on the top, so I decided to go for a simple Yves Saint Laurent gold chain necklace versus a chunky bib necklace. However I did choose to wear a flower crown so the outfit was more ‘fun’.

Look Details:
Dress: Bryan’s Fashion
Jewellery: Yves Saint Laurent necklace, Michael Kors bangle, Tiffany & Co. toggle bracelet, vintage dual rose gold + silver ring from my grandma
Flower Crown: Payless Shoes
Shoes: American Eagle
Nail Design: Ciaté
Lipstick: Marc Jacobs

Yes, I took many many shameless selfies that evening  😉

Having Diner En Blanc next to the water was just gorgeous!

I must say I was very proud of my table piece selections for the evening hehe!

The moment when everyone lit their sparklers was truly dare I say, a magical moment.


  • Shop early for anything you are planning to buy. There can only be so many cute picnic baskets in one city, get em early or you will be scrambling last minute!
  • You may think that there are not many variations of white, but anyone that has attended Diner En Blanc can tell you otherwise. Eggshell white, cream, or any variations of white will just not do. Fashion isn’t everything, but the point of Diner En Blanc is to dress in pure white, and you will stand out next to others in any other variation.
  • For safety, I recommend using electronic tea light candles as opposed to real candles.
  • For messy eaters, I really don’t recommend food that can stain your perfectly white clothing, I’m still surprised as I write this that I got through the entire evening with a stain-free dress.
  • Have fun, help each other take photos, especially since almost everyone attends in pairs, they may want a photo together.
  • If you plan to leave early for whatever reason, try to stay for the sparklers at the end! It was so much fun!
  • As much as taking a million photos will be great for years to come, try to be present. During the moment when everyone lit their sparklers, I quickly snapped a few photos and just tried to be present right then and there. If the photos I snapped don’t turn out nice, it is okay, the best memories are the ones you were truly present in.

Hope you will have the opportunity to attend one of the many Diner En Blanc dinners around the World, and these tips and photos can give you some insight of what to expect 🙂


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