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Cirque Du Soleil Tickets, Seating, And Preshow Tips


Unless you were with me at the time, one is not able to picture the level of excitement in my eyes when I found out Cirque Du Soleil‘s newest performance Toruk – The First Flight is coming to Vancouver this December.

I absolutely LOVE Cirque shows, ever since my first one, Varekai, which my mom brought me many years ago. Since then, I attend their shows whenever I have the chance. I often like to exchange Cirque experiences with friends and have come to learn that there are a few things to consider to make a Cirque experience as best as possible!

  1. Purchase tickets in advance – If your schedule is pretty consistent during the time of the show, purchase your tickets when it is first available for sale. Not only will you be able to have a pick at the best seats, but similar to flight ticket prices, Cirque ticket prices increase closer to the date and availability. The less tickets available for that show, the higher the ticket prices will be. I’ve seen first hand people at the box office trying to purchase on the day of the show only to be disappointed because they were completely sold out. CIRQUE SHOWS ARE VERY POPULAR.
  2. Be cautious when purchasing obstructed view tickets – Obstructed view tickets means that ticket prices are slightly lower because there may be a pole or something obstructing your view. If you are familiar with the show set-ups then you will probably be able to estimate how much of your view will be obstructed. Even then, when I attended a Kooza show last minute and there were only obstructed view tickets, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad, but I wasn’t able to fully see the acts. If possible, I most likely won’t sit in an obstructed area again.
  3. Aim for a seat in the mid-level sections – I’ve sat in the first few rows and also the last few rows at a Cirque show before. I found that the best view is from the mid-level sections. You aren’t too far to prevent you from seeing the details, but not close enough to get neck cramps from looking up half the time. I know, first world problems here.
  4. Arrive early to enjoy the preshow fun – I’ve had the opportunity to attend Cirque shows with the full Tapis Rouge experience (they’ve now branded it as lounge or VIP upgrades you can add to your ticket). Those preshows memories I still remember today. I’ve also attended numerous shows without a Rouge experience, and there is still plenty to see! Cirque usually does an amazing job with their set-up outside the merchandise+food booths, with makes for great photo opportunities. I also like to pick up a souvenir or two since their products are very unique. Jewellery for daily wear, scarves, very stylish little beauties! That vibe once you walk under the grand chapiteau is a feeling I can’t describe in words to do it justice, but it is a feeling of its own!

I hope you found my tips useful for your next Cirque experience. Who else is super excited for Toruk as well!?!


My most recent show was Kooza in Vancouver!

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