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Add Some Extra ‘Pop’ To Your Daily Style – Ziggit Style

There are some days where I’ll be putting together an outfit and it just doesn’t seem right. I don’t need a necklace or a scarf to add onto the outfit, but I just can’t pinpoint what. This is where Ziggits come into play. Founded in Montreal Canada, Ziggit Style launched various collections of clip-on pins called Ziggits. Before they arrived I was worried I wouldn’t be able to add these pins to too many outfits or things without it looking tacky. I was wrong! I’ve been adding these Ziggits to so many things and it gives me a style that is unique to me.

That is the main goal of Ziggit Style, to create pieces that help shape individual unique styles. I think they definitely achieved that. I love each collection, and their designs are so darn cute!

Check out how I incoporated Ziggits into my daily style!

Added a little diamond from their rose (gold) collection to my bag!

The Ziggits are very easy to clip on!

I’ll be golfing with a bit more style now, definitely gives my golf shoes a more personal pop to it!


I am very happy with my Ziggits and how it reflects my personal style and things I love. That ice-cream Ziggit definitely screams Vuitton haha!

Start putting together your own style here or browse around Ziggit’s social media look books for inspiration, it’s really fun for me to see how other people styled their Ziggits!


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