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Are You Ready For Summer? ‘Put A Bow On It’ June Subscription Box

Last month, I reviewed my first Put A Bow On It subscription box (previous post here). To give you all a refresher, Put A Bow On It is a relatively new lifestyle subscription box service that ships within Canada. By just looking at their previous boxes and boxes I received, I love every item they have chosen thus far! They are carefully selected, and always features the most unique brands! It was truly a surprise to me during one of my weekly post office visits, when I noticed one of the packages had that signature wrapping I knew so well. Surprise deliveries always makes me giddy and excited 🙂

Can we just take a couple seconds to appreciate this beautifully wrapped gift box, and that shade of robin egg blue! Oh my…

As usual, there is a little card that explains each item in that month’s box.

Looks like June’s theme was summer! Some of my best memories are from this season, and the items in this box are the perfect way to welcome summer 2016 for me!

Loving my new summer/beach bag!

Sunscreen is our important friend during summer, so thank you Put A Bow On It for reminding us to never leave the house without it!

Gotta stay hydrated! I’ve been using this water bottle (from Indigo) ever since I received it!

I haven’t had a chance to test out this cooling towel yet, but apparently it keeps you nice and cool for up to 4 hours, especially during hot beach days! Looking forward to using it very soon.

Another item I have been using nonstop is this Blistex orange mango blast lip balm. I don’t evn know where to begin to describe the smell and taste of this! I believe there are a few other flavours available, so be sure to check it out!

Eadie & Wallace fresh ocean breeze aromatic reed diffusers. Smells soooo fresh!

Again, I was very happy with this month’s box. You can definitely tell each item is carefully selected to fit the overall theme perfectly. Since my last post, Put A Bow On It is now offering 2 different tiers of boxes, premium and deluxe. You can see all the available options here. They are currently taking pre-orders for their August box, so don’t miss out! I have a feeling it is going to be a very good one 🙂

Promo Code: Use VUITTON10 (must be all caps) for a 10% discount on ANY subscription!

I put a few items to good use on my recent weekend getaway! Thank you so much for starting off my summer so nicely! :)

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