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Bolthouse Farms Beverages

I was first introduced to Bolthouse Farms by tasting their dressings at a local health expo, my favourite is the cilantro avocado flavour, so delicious! I then started to check out their other products, such as smoothies and juices, and was recently contacted by Ally from Bolthouse Farms whether I was interested in sampling other flavours in their selections. I was pretty excited when this big box of goodies arrived!

Ally is seriously the sweetest, a personalized card AND ice packs (orange ice packs to match their branding perhaps? Such a nice touch!) to keep the drinks at a cool temperature during delivery, so it was nice and cold for me to drink right away after I finished unboxing everything.

There were a variety of flavours I haven’t tried before from both their juice, smoothie, and protein plus selections.

Their blueberry banana almond milk is really good too! Not pictured in this lot, but that is the usual flavour I buy, and the first flavour of their smoothies I’ve tried! I was pretty sold on the almond milk because I love smoothies, but I am lactose-intolerant…*cue pouting face since I can’t eat ice-cream whenever I want*, and these drinks are great for those that love smoothies but can’t handle the usuals. The taste is very similar except you don’t feel a stomachache after consuming it. When I come across anything that tastes good and lactose-free, I will keep going back for more. Although there are a couple flavours that use a small amount of milk, so please do check accordingly first.

I was sent the following flavours to try:
-Berries & Green Veggies,
-Banana Honey Almond Butter (Protein Plus)
-Raspberry Blood Orange
-Strawberry (Protein Plus)
-Mango Pineapple Colada
-Coconut (Protein Plus)

The mixture of a bunch of fruits and vegetables is great to give you all those much needed nutrients in one drink!

You can find their products at select local grocery markets, I usually go to Urban Fare. Price averages around $8+ for a bottle of their drinks.

Thank you so much again Ally + Bolthouse Farms! I love all the goodies!

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