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Luxury Furniture Company ‘SwitzerCultCreative’ Opens Flagship Showroom in Vancouver

Home decor is one of those things we appreciate as we become more mature, and a lifestyle acquired in our twenties. Both my immediate and extended family absolutely loves home decor. And by that I mean they are REALLY into it. You bet we (them, and a little Vuitton brought along complaining half the time haha) were at exhibits, showrooms, etc. Even some of my closest friends’ family businesses are in this industry.

I’ve learned to appreciate design and the stories of each piece much more as I entered my teen years, and shortly before I hit 20, I found myself going to showings by myself or with friends, even inviting my parents to come along. Getting inspiration and finding new pieces for my home creates that perfect little relaxing sanctuary I love spending hours in, and I get really excited learning about the stories behind each piece and designer! Funny how things turn out don’t you think? Oh the things we used to dislike as children, but appreciate and enjoy when we are adults…

Recently, I had the opportunity to learn about SwitzerCultCreative, a luxury furniture company. With a name that has been well known in the design industry for many years, they opened their first showroom in Vancouver last week. Not only do they have an eye for aesthetic and all things design, but partner and showroom manager Adam Bellas, is incredibly friendly and will most certainly crack a few jokes when you meet him! Whether you are a longtime design enthusiast, or just starting to dip your toes in, you will feel very comfortable asking Adam any questions you might have!

Their mission is “the discovery, promotion, marketing and development of modern, original designs for living.”

SwitzerCultCreative aims to support both established and new innovative designers/brands, and sponsors student design competitions to provide opportunities for aspiring designers to have a platform and showcase their designs.

I had a lot of fun at their opening preview filled with great chats with Adam and other guests, sugary snacks, and surrounded by pieces by a few of my favourite designers. Check out some of the snapshots I took during the evening!

Absolutely love this Douglas Coupland piece!

Adam’s sister has her own jewellery collection, soulshine. This family is definitely very creative don’t you think?

Connect with SwitzerCultCreative:





Featured image credit: Ema Peter – all other photos are taken by me 🙂

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