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One Girl Can – #IWANT2BE 2nd Annual Fundraiser

As some of you know, the journey of my legal education has been a roller coaster ride. From choosing which law school to apply to, selecting the program that best aligned with my career goals, and many other deciding factors has been stressful. Amidst all these things happening in my life, there was a brief period in which I overlooked the fact that there are many people (especially young women in certain Countries) that are not in positions to ‘stress over’ which school or concentration they should pursue for their education. The decisions to be made that kept me up at night, are not options available to many. Access to education in underdeveloped Countries has been an ongoing issue and struggle. With lack of access to resources and education, many women find themselves in a never-ending cycle of poverty, abuse, and gender imparity.

I always get extra excited when I come across organizations that are working on initiatives and advocating for better access to education for women of all ages in underdeveloped Countries. One Girl Can focuses on building schools in underdeveloped Countries, educating girls, and mentoring them to reach their full potentials. I highly encourage you all to learn more about One Girl Can‘s past and current projects via their website and upcoming fundraising event!

On April 21, 2016, join 400 dynamic influencers and business leaders, including One Girl Can’s Founder, and CEO of AG Hair, Lotte Davis, for the #IWant2Be fundraiser at The Imperial in Vancouver. This year will be their second annual event, and the goal is to raise funds for 500 girls in Kenya!


Last year, the inaugural One Girl Can fundraiser raised $100,000. They aim to double that amount this year with proceeds going directly to help build or refurbish 4 dormitories and 3 washroom facilities for students at Ganze Girls Secondary School in Kenya.

“Educating women is the only known cure for ending poverty” says One Girl Can’s Lotte Davis.

Lotte Davis, originally a native of Africa herself, will share her story of how the question ‘What do you want to be?’ inspired her to start One Girl Can. Through scholarships and education, One Girl Can gives young African women a voice and empowers them to make positive changes in society. A portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold by Lotte and her husband John’s company, AG Hair, has been contributing to building schools in Africa since 2008.

Tickets can be purchased here

Unable to attend the event?  You can still support this year’s goal by donating via the ticket page as well! Funds will be used to purchase key necessities for One Girl Can students, such as mattresses, bunk beds, toilets, or shower stalls!


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