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Look good while staying warm this winter. It’s easier than you think!

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Although Vancouver (or should I say Raincouver?) doesn’t compare to Calgary or Toronto in terms of temperature during Winter seasons, it is still quite chilly here. With a busy schedule and not so cooperative weather, it is often easy to lose motivation to dress up during Winter.

These are my ‘go-to’ pieces to dress appropriately for work or an event in the evening, while staying comfortable, warm, and works for casual outings such as a bowling night. Lets face it, I seldom wake up early in the mornings to pamper myself, so having a few pieces like this saves me a lot of time in the morning to sleep in while still getting compliments from time to time on my outfit choices.

1. You can never go wrong with a classic navy or black pea coat. Not only will you stay warm, but it can be worn to a casual outing or to work/professional events. You don’t want to show up in a puffy ski jacket do you?

2. Black skinny pants, my favourite go-to piece. Wear it with a dress shirt or blouse and you are set! For a formal business meeting I would suggest bringing a pair of heels to change into, boots still fall on the casual side. I like pairing a pair of black skinnies with sweaters and brown/black boots in the Winter.

3. Sweaters and layers are my best friends during December. For work and networking events I like wearing sweaters with a higher neckline so my bib necklace falls nicely against it. When you’re wearing basic colours like grey or black, make sure to choose a necklace with some bright colour on it to stand out. Bib necklaces are great to for dressing up any plain sweater. If you want to change from work to a casual dinner, try taking off the bib necklace, removing accessories will give you a more casual and laid back look.

4. Lastly, a girl needs her staple handbag! A medium size black satchel is perfect for carrying a laptop and extra pair of shoes. I usually choose black satchels so it goes with any colour outfit I’m wearing.

Hopefully this post will help make deciding what to wear on those chilly Winter mornings easier!

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