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Missed Opportunities in Life

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with friends and acquaintances over this one particular topic: missed opportunities. Whether it is a job, relationship, or buying that last mint green sweater that is on sale, we have all experienced a missed opportunity.


There is a new job opening and you didn’t apply because you believe there is a more suitable candidate, or you just aren’t qualified enough for the position.  Why not apply and show them your strongest skills and traits?  The worst thing that can happen is you don’t get the job, which would have been the case anyways if you didn’t apply in the first place.  So don’t hesitate, and always believe that you have a shot just like anyone else, because you do.


We often hear about how boy meets girl, they like each other, but neither of them are willing to take that step and show the other person their feelings.  Or how about failed relationships because both parties are too stubborn to admit their mistakes, thus, letting a relationship go just like that.  If you care about that special someone, let them know, years down the road, you are going to wonder what  would have happened if you did tell them your feelings.  This person could very well be your life partner but you missed the chance to find out, because you refused to say anything.  As I said before, the worst that can happen is you get a “no”, don’t let the opportunity slip by, because it may be your only chance.  Don’t be stubborn, admit when you are wrong, or even if you are not completely at fault, be open-minded and willing to talk things out.  Is ego really more important than your relationship?  The answer is no.

Telling Someone the Truth

I’m in between for this one, sometimes honesty is not the best policy, but if we are withholding information that our “gut feeling” is telling us is better off as not a secret, then chances are, it is probably best to tell that person the truth.  Example: Friend A tells you something, and makes you promise to not tell Friend B.  Deep down you know Friend B should know about this.  In this case, you should explain to Friend A why you think it is important for Friend B to know about the situation.  You don’t want any regrets years from now, and to feel guilty that you didn’t speak up now.

Initiating First Contact

Has there ever been someone you just met and barely spoke to, but you really wanted to get to know them?  Whether it is a potential love interest or someone you would like to meet at a networking event.  Unless you are wearing a ski mask and smell like week old tuna, chances are the other person would not be opposed to meeting you.  Wave, say “hi”, and keep the conversation casual.  If people never took the step to initiate contact, we wouldn’t get very far right?  Many business and personal relationships are missed because people refuse to step out of their comfort zone and say a simple “hello”.

 Accomplishing Something, but Was too Hesitant to Do So

Ever wanted to go sky diving, travel by yourself, try new foods, overcome a fear?  We can give ourselves a million reasons to not do those things, but we seldom ask “what’s stopping us?”  I truly believe one has not experienced life fully until they do at least one thing that both scares and interests them immensely.  Next time you see a last minute seat sale to Hawaii?  Go for it!  Just be sure to let your boss know :p

Certain opportunities may only pass by once, and if you miss it, you might just lose it forever.  So don’t hesitate and let opportunities pass you by without giving it a good try.  The worst that can happen is you hear “no”.  Although, I am also a strong believer that sometimes things don’t work out or we miss it because there is something better waiting for us.

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